Questions & Answers - FoalSafe foaling and colic alarm

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Questions & Answers

Q: Is FoalSafe just a foaling alarm?

A: No. It can also:

  • record the movement of your mare and report those movements as an email to an email address of your selection; thereby allowing you to assess the restlessness of the mare.
  • warn the battery is at 20%, 10% and 3% charge - so that you are aware of the battery requiring attention.
  • allow you to adjust the sensitivity of the alarm according to the mare (some mares are very restless, while others are 'quiet').
  • report the location of your mare (particularly useful for large foaling down areas).
Q: How is FoalSafe attached to the mare?

A: The sensor and its battery are inserted into a pouch which is then attached to the mare's halter.
Q: If you live in an area that has marginal or poor reception, does FoalSafe still work?
A: FoalSafe relies upon the mobile phone network; therefore the same rules apply to FoalSafe as a mobile phone. So, if your mobile phone works with one provider, but not another, then FoalSafe needs to have a SIM that is the same provider as your mobile phone. So, for example - in Australia, say that your mobile phone does not work well with Telstra as your provider, ask a friend with an Optus or Vodaphone account to test the reception on their phone in the foaling area.
Q: How do I determine if FoalSafe will work in my foaling area/paddock?
A: The easiest way to assess whether mobile phone reception is available is to walk the perimeter of the foaling area looking at the reception scale on your mobile phone. If you lose reception in one area or have none at all, then FoalSafe will also have the same reception restriction with that mobile phone carrier.
Q: What do you mean by mobile phone carrier?
A: The context of a mobile phone carrier is a mobile phone telephone network provider. As an example: there are 3 main network providers in Australia; Optus, Telstra and Vodaphone, and each network provider has different coverage for the same area. So, this shows through as different reception experiences in the same area.
Q: I live on a property where there is no mobile phone reception. Will FoalSafe work?
A: Not at the moment. If enough interest is expressed, then we are willing to consider development.

Q: What do I get when I buy a FoalSafe alarm?

A: Your FoalSafe foaling alarm package includes:

  • Sensor (Transmitter)
  • Halter pouch
  • Resealable dust/water proof sleeve
  • Mains power battery charging adaptor
  • Rechargable battery pack
  • 20cm battery connection lead
  • 1 metre battery connection lead
  • Set-up and usage instructions

Photo of Byalee Bling (Photo A-M. Lourey)
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