Colic or foaling alarm - FoalSafe foaling and colic alarm

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Colic or foaling alarm

You can now stop losing sleep!

Immediately know when your mare is foaling down!

In response to a need from leading breeders of quality equine stock, we have developed
FoalSafe, a foaling alarm that allows you freedom to move and no longer ties you to hearing range of a receiving unit. You can roam to the other end of your property - or even go shopping in town -  and providing you and your mare are both in mobile phone range you will be notified when your mare has gone down on her side - directly by SMS to your mobile phone.

How it works
No receiving unit is required for
FoalSafe - your own mobile phone is the receiver, with you 24/7 no matter where you are! Away from home? You will still know your mare is foaling, and you can take steps to ensure that she gets the attention she deserves. The lightweight transmitter and rechargable battery pack attach onto the mare’s everyday halter - just under the chin.
When the mare settles to one side for a short period of time the alarm will detect this and send an SMS directly to your mobile phone and at your option, to another person's mobile phone as well!
Optionally, FoalSafe may be configured to send an email to your email address with data of detected movement of your mare for each day. This enables you to see her activity, as each mare has their own 'personality' this valuable tool allows you to assess the likehood of your mare foaling.

Multiple sensors
As you can uniquely identify each FoalSafe sensor, there is no confusion as to which mare is foaling. You can use unlimited transmitters at the same time. Your SMS text message will tell you which mare is contacting you.

Simply ensure that there is mobile phone reception in the area where the mare is foaling down so that the sensor can send SMS text messages to you.
Of course, your own mobile phone needs to be in mobile phone reception area as well so that you can receive them!
Once you've confirmed phone reception, the only other prerequisite is that a SIM card is required to allow the sensor to send SMS text messages over the phone network. In Australia we have used pre-paid SIMs from Amaysim and Aldi with cost-effective results; but a SIM from any provider that offers reception in your mare’s foaling area should work!

Common Questions and Answers

Please see this page for a list of common questions and answers regarding FoalSafe,

Buy or rent
If you are located within Australia, you have the option to rent or buy the foaling alarm. Please contact Peter on 040 393 5556 to discuss rental.
International customers: we do apologise, but renting is not yet an option. We are, however, happy to help you out with purchasing the unit and may be contacted by email and internationally +61 40 393 5556

You are dealing with the manufacturer and designer of this Australian product!

Contact Us
To find out more abut FoalSafe, please phone or email us.

Customer Testimonials
Finally got our foal & thanks to FoalSafe I was there when needed, the foal didn't present properly & mare was distressed but luckily a bit of help and our colt arrived safely & is the picture of health.
Thank you again for an awesome product, highly recommended to anyone.
Elicia Bond, Horse Breeder, Gundagai, NSW, Australia.

The cia FoalSafe monitoring alarm has revolutionised the way we do foaling. In the past we relied upon a widely used industry foaling monitor which had been fantastic; but each year it missed alerting us on one of our mares, Miracle.
FoalSafe has become the solution to our problem with Miracle. As we can easily adjust how sensitive the alarm is, we just made FoalSafe more sensitive and, for the first time in 8 years we were able to attend the birth of Byalee Bling.

FoalSafe is now our preferred foaling alarm.  

Ann-Maree Lourey, Byalee Stables


Thank you so much for everything; you have been so helpful and I've been telling everyone about your product. At the start of next season I'll give you a good plug on Facebook, I'm sure you will get many takers. :)
Kindest regards,
Pip Cooper, Falcon Sporthorses

FoalSafe sensor
Byalee Bling (photo P Philippa)

Last update: 20/10/2018

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